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Glass, Glazing, Decorative & Stained Glass

Vista Therm Elite high performance insulating glass is up to 136% better than standard double glazing used as standard. This eliminates heat loss during cooler months, helps cut your energy costs/fuel bills, makes your home more comfortable and eliminates cold spots close to windows. Additional benefits of Vista Therm Elite are

  • High light transmission and optimal clarity
  • guaranteed precision of glazing unit calibration during manufacture
  • glass can be toughened or laminated for safety and greater security

Decorative glass used, has for many years, been to the forefront in embellishing windows and doors of homes and businesses throughout Ireland. Features of decorative glass used are

  • UV Stable
  • Colour fading protection
  • Design detail and graphic reproduction enhanced
  • Artistically created motifs and designs.

Wide range of decorative designs suitable for a variety of uses.

Vista Therm Elite SE is the latest innovation from Carey Glass International. A triple glazed unit offering the highest level of insulation in the market with a U value as low as 0.7, a full 260% increase on a standard double glazed unit using ordinary clear float glass.

Using two unique elite coatings and inserting Krypton gas into the cavities of a 28mm overall thick triple unit combinations, they have created the highest performing insulated glass unit available on a short lead time from their Nenagh factory. Carey Glass Ltd. are leading the way by introducing this highest level product offer to their customers a greater value proposition.

This product and the level of insulation it offers will add value to any property and increase the energy rating as well as reducing fuel costs.

Triple glazing has a further benefit in its ability to insulate against noise. Modem life sees greater dependence on transport and many householders now find they are on a flight path or adjacent to a busy route which has a massive increase in road traffic noise. Noise pollution can be very disturbing and most architects are now incorporating and acoustic evaluation on planned developments. Double glazing can help counter the noise entering a structure and triple just goes one step further in adding to the comfort level attainable